Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Raising Money Helps Kids with Autism get the Education they Deserve

Throughout the year STLR gives students the opportunity to experience a variety of community experiences. Some of the activities are shopping, bowling, horseback riding and many other outings. These experiences are an important part of students’ education as it gives them an opportunity to generalize knowledge in a new environment and learn new community and social skills.

Grant money is no longer available that was once used to fund this type of education. 

                         How can you help?  

This year the mothers at the schools have teamed up with Bunch Bags to raise money for the STLR program for students with Autism. They are fundraising to help with the costs of these community outings and activities, as well as to purchase materials for the classrooms. Bunch Bags are reusable eco-friendly produce bags.

You can bring these bags to the grocery store or farmer’s market as an alternative to plastic produce bags. The vegetables can be washed and stored inside of the breathable Bunch Bags. When it’s time for a refresher, just throw your Bunch Bags in the washing machine! These make great gifts and stocking stuffers for your eco-conscious loved ones and veggie lovers!

The bags are sold as bunches of 3 for $6.50. Our STLR program profits $3 from each sale! We will be taking orders for Bunch Bags from September 19 until October 7. Bunch Bags make great gifts and stocking stuffers for your eco-conscious loved ones and veggie lovers!

Orders will be delivered/shippped to any of you who order with great appreciation because your interest means very much to me and my family including my extended family of teachers and aides that help these kids, our kids.

Call, mail or email Kirsten Kelly with your order 
Checks can be written to KLH or (Kenneth L Hermansen School)
and mailed to c/o On Doody PO Box 433 Lockport, IL 60441

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Better Choice - Home Care for Seniors

For many seniors, there comes a time when they need some help in their home.  Whether it’s due to surgery, health issues or because of age, the need for home care and senior care services are growing each year.  In home care better meets the needs of aging seniors and can be a more effective option than other types of institutional care.

One of the main benefits of in home senior care is the opportunity to continue to reside in your own home.  A senior caregiver provides assistance with acts of daily living. Basic needs such as personal care, getting dressed and washing hair can be taken care of with a caregivers assistance.  In addition, for those that need elder care, there is assistance with shopping for groceries, cooking and household tasks such as help with laundry and light house keeping.

The ability for care in the home meets many needs including that of a companion caregiver.  This type of caregiver can help those with disabilities that are in need of long term assistance. A companion caregiver can make daily life easier and more enjoyable by interacting and sharing in activities.  Having someone in the home can make life at home for seniors or those with disabilities a reality rather than having to reside in an institutional or medical facility. 

Few people would choose to relocate to an assisted living or other type of facility if there were another choice.  Having the option of in home care provides a safe and more comforting option.  In fact, it is not only more comforting for the individual in need but for the family as well.  Dealing with transitioning a loved one to assisted living or skilled nursing facility is equally hard on the family.  For seniors, having the option to "age in place" by remaining in their home with a caregivers assistance is welcomed by all.

By taking a bit of time to explore the option of home care for seniors, you will discover that it provides the necessary assistance for loved ones to remain safe and independent in the comfort of their own home. 

For more information about home care and senior care options in Houston and the surrounding area, please contact Allgen Companion Care at (281) 865-5119 or visit us on the web at:  www.allgencompanioncare.com

Allgen Companion Care provides in home care for seniors and others requiring assistance living independently in their own home.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year Brings Resolutions

And It's a smart time to re-assess care for
our elderly family members.

Now that we all have spent some extra time with our loved ones over the holidays, we should take note of how well our elderly family members are doing compared to last year.

Is dad requiring a little more assistance getting up from his favorite chair?

Does mom seem more forgetful or confused?

Maybe grandma repeatedly asked "Where are we going?" during the car ride over to your house for the big family dinner.

These situations are fairly common examples that most families encounter with their elderly loved ones. And for most of us it is upsetting to see the decline in health and well being of our loved ones. However, it is important to remember that physical health and ability as well as mental cognitive ability are similar in the fact that exercise is good therapy for both.

Exercising the mind can be as simple as a good conversation or playing a board game to keep the mind active. Unfortunately, our elderly loved ones tend to live alone and do not receive as much interaction with others as they should. Having a friend or neighbor nearby throughout the day is not always possible. A home care companion may be a smart option. A caregiver can be there to help prepare a meal and to provide good company for them to share.

Physical exercise for the elderly is not always a trip to the gym; but rather, a short walk to check the mailbox can sometimes be good exercise. Having an in-home caregiver can make a difference. A caregiver can encourage activity and assist loved ones with their daily routine.

In today’s busy times it is not always easy to drop by and check on our elderly family members. For elderly loved ones wishing to remain independent in their own homes, in-home assistance is a smart choice. Allgen Companion Care employs caregivers who provide assistance with the day to day activities that can enable living independently at home possible.

Allgen Companion Care offers a FREE In Home Care Assessment that helps identify the needs and level of care necessary for your elderly loved ones to remain safe at home.

So along with your New Years Resolution, schedule an appointment with Allgen Companion Care to provide a FREE In Home Care Assessment for your loved ones. Let us help your loved ones to live safely and independently in their own home.

Michael Potter
Community Liaison
Allgen Companion Care